Hair, Skin, and Nails 101


How I grew my natural nails and how you can too with this simple method!

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Model Slick Woods Slayed the Savage x Fenty Runway While In Labor

Fenty model Slick Woods set the fashion realm on fire, as she walked the Savage x Fenty runway during New York Fashion Week stage in labor, and only hours later gave birth to her first son, Saphir.

The reactions Slick is giving the world is #justtewmuch. She’s giving women inspiration and empowerment across the globe. She’s challenging what it is to be “beautiful”. All while celebrating herself and her accomplishments unapologetically. And get this–she’s only 22.

And she’s making Rih Rih look amazing in all her entrepreneurship endeavors. Music and fashion icon Rihanna is changing the game with her contributions to the fashion and beauty industries. Her self titled makeup line, Fenty Beauty, celebrates inclusive beauty with an unprecedented spectrum of colors and shades for all skin tones with unique and unconventional models to show them off. Her even newer intimates line Savage x Fenty is targeted to all women, being made for “every shade and shape”.

Allure magazine, in which Rihanna just did a spread for, dubbed 2018 “The Year of Fenty”.

After delivering her son, Woods captions a post on Instagram, “I’m here to say I CAN DO WHATEVER THE F–K I WANT WHENEVER THE F–K I WANT AND SO CAN YOU.”

Whether or not you think Slick Woods is “beautiful” or “ugly”, what she is is paid. And now an official mommy.



Product Review: Shea Moisture Manuka Honey & Mafura Oil Intensive Hydration Hair Masque

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My Natural Hair Journey: My Product Family!

I get asked what products I use all the time, so here’s the scoop! (I am not an ambassador or promoter for any of these brands.)

hair products

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In Your Feelings?

It’s night time and for whatever reason you’re down. Or someone said or did something that hit a deep nerve. You’re hurt, angry, sad, embarrassed, you name it. If you’ve outwardly expressed these emotions, you’ve more than likely been told at least one time or another to “get out of your feelings”. Continue reading In Your Feelings?