KYLAHUTCHINS.COM: The 21st century young lady’s haven for fashion, beauty, and higher living.

The world has its opinions about fashion, beauty, health, current events, and your daily life decisions. From social media to television and music, school, friends, and family, church… everyone has something to say about you. But what do you say about you? What does Christ say about you?

Not as often as necessary will you get advice on secular situations from a holy and holistic point of view. And in a personal, intimate way. Not just from a generalized message from a preacher to a congregation. Not just from a short tweet or social media post. Not from the blunted, accusatory advice of anyone in your life who doesn’t quite understand you.

This is your safe haven. A place to read something encouraging and mentally and spiritually nutritious in your free time. This blog is designed to be personal, whimsical, conversation-provoking, and authentic. It’s to discuss those uncomfortable things you’re afraid to ask about. It’s to praise you and honor those characteristics about you, my queen, that make you feel awkward and insecure and too different. It’s to love on you and pour into your spirit when you’re having a rough day. It’s even to figure out what vibes your clothes truly send. It’s to help you use makeup to enhance your God-given beauty, not create a false sense of it. It’s to help you really understand the difference between religion and relationship. This blog is seriously designed for all of that. But above all else, it is designed to plant, nurture and grow your relationship with Christ and show you the power that you possess as a child of God.

I pray that you are encouraged and empowered by even one post that I craft. I pray you learn from my mistakes and have life through my testimonies. I pray you experience God for yourself and know without a shadow of a doubt that greater is He who is in you than he who is in the world. Through that, I genuinely believe you will be unstoppable. And I believe my purpose, and God’s purpose, for this blog will be fulfilled. Thank you.

-Kyla Hutchins