Why You Should Love Mondays

Everybody dreads Monday. It kills your weekend and jump starts the workweek all too soon. We drag our feet into work, begging God to live in a world with three-day weekends. But what if we’re simply approaching Monday all wrong? Could Mondays just be misunderstood?

I believe Mondays hold all your jump-start energy for the work week. Like how you may go to church on Sunday and worship and take in to prepare for the new week, think of Mondays like that. If you remembered to rest on the Sabbath Day, as the Lord instructs in Deuteronomy 5:14, you should have plenty of energy for the week ahead. (NOTE: The Biblical Sabbath Day is on SATURDAY. Do with that knowledge what you will.)

On Mondays I’m always more goal-oriented and focused on my business than I am say by Thursday or Friday. I’m more creative and alert, and I think it’s because I don’t “hate” Mondays–I appreciate them.

The next Sunday you get the opportunity, make a list of goals to achieve for the week, or even just for Monday. Get plenty of rest Sunday night and pray over your week. Every Monday, do things to motivate yourself. Wear a cute outfit, make a balanced breakfast, bring a good book for your lunch break, read kylahutchins.com for a little Monday Motivation!

Mondays are a day to hit the ground running on your weekly goals, attacking the tasks before you. Why spend a whole day salty that your weekend ended when you can rejoice that your werk week just started? Not your work week… your werk week.

Be blessed, and make this week a good one!

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