Your Best Bantu Knots Ever!

I love love LOVE a good Bantu knot out! Read how to get optimum results here! I mean, unless you don’t want shiny and defined curls that can last your whole wash week… yes girl, your whole wash week.

Here are some tips on how to get your best Bantu knots ever!

1. Clean hair is the best foundation.

Hair that isn’t too weighed down and clogged by products will usually produce the best style because your hair will be more receptive to the styling products you’ll be applying.

2. Divide hair into sections prior to styling.

If you have your hair parted into sections and put away (with a hair tie, hair clip, etc.) that will help you better make your twists and promote uniformity among your curls.

3. Get an idea of how many knots you want prior to styling.

Knowing how many knots you want going in will help them be closer to the same size and more uniform. If you’re aiming for more definition, make more, smaller knots. If you like big hair and want more body, I suggest making less, bigger knots. (I usually make anywhere between 16 and 20, which produces defined curls while still giving me the volume that I love. I also pick my hair out to make my curls even bigger.)

4. Dry or Wet Hair?

To do this style on dry or wet hair primarily depends on how long you plan to let the style sit. If you’re doing this style overnight, I definitely recommend on doing this style on dry hair–still applying your styling products but no water is involved. If you can wear and plan to wear your knots for more than 12 hours, then I’d say doing them on wet hair wouldn’t be an issue.

5. LOC method (+ Gel)

To achieve the best look, I’ve found that using the LOC method of product application worked best for my hair. (I wouldn’t describe my hair as kinky, but it is thick. I just have finer, low porosity strands.) LOC stands for Leave-In [Conditioner], Oil, Cream. Because of my low porosity, my hair responds the best to thick creams and oils. (Wanna learn more about hair porosity? Be on the lookout for a post about it soon!) The thicker products give lasting hydration, and the oil adds slip and shine while sealing your ends. Adding gel increases curl definition and allows your style longer lasting hold.

This method again, works best on clean hair. However, if it’s midweek or you need a quick style before a wash, if your hair can’t handle the weight of the products, a hair milk and a light oil should do you just fine (gel may or may not be necessary depending on how much gel is already in your hair.)


To produce uniform curls with even product distribution and no ratty, dry ends, detangle your hair! Detangle after the products are applied so the product can be distributed to each curl. Start at the ends and work your way up. (I recommend using a 7 or 9-prong detangling brush.)

7. Bobby pins are your best friend.

If the ends of your Bantu knots don’t lock in place or you want extra security, bobby pin them in place.

8. Don’t forget to oil your scalp!

Oiling your scalp starts hydration at the root! Great for trapping heat and hydrating in the colder months.

9. Oil your fingers to take down the knots.

To avoid dry ends and frizzy curls, oils your fingers in the take-down process. You can thank me later.


Any questions, comments or helpful tips? Drop them below!


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