Product Review: Shea Moisture Manuka Honey & Mafura Oil Intensive Hydration Hair Masque

To keep up with what your hair wants and needs, sometimes you have to switch it up!

Friday night:

I’m testing this product out on cowashed hair after I haven’t deep conditioned for about a week and a half. (Every week I shampoo or cowash and deep condition my hair. Sundays or Mondays are usually wash day.)

The smell of this product reminds me of milk and honey. The product itself comes in a 16 oz. jar. It’s extremely thick, even thicker than the Black Castor Oil Masque I normally use (also from Shea Moisture).

The key ingredients in this masque are: 1) manuka honey–which has soothing anti-inflammatory properties for the scalp and helps create a moisturizing barrier, 2) mafura oil–which has high levels of oleic acid that replenishes oils that are lost in shampooing, and 3) African rock fig–which contains antioxidant Vitamin C to keep hair looking vibrant. (This masque also contains coconut oil and shea butter. (My hair loves both. Coconut oil, shea butter, and black castor oil are three key ingredients in all of my hair care products. For more information about what products I use, check out the post My Natural Hair Journey: My Product Family!).

As soon as I applied the conditioner my hair took to it instantly and turned to butter. It gave amazing slip and made detangling effortless. I also noticed when it came in contact with water it didn’t dissolve; I could already tell this product locks in moisture very well. I recommend warming this product up before application by rubbing it in your hands, because of how thick it is.

After I applying the masque I just two-strand twisted and Bantu-knotted the sections to keep them away. I covered my hair in two plastic caps and a bonnet for security and to keep the product warm while I’m sleep. (I almost always deep condition overnight. My hair needs all the hydration it can get, and conditioning overnight is proven to grow your hair OVERNIGHT.)

We’ll see how this turns out in the morning!

Saturday morning:

When I went to wash the deep conditioner out, my hair slid outta those Bantu knots so smooth…! One by one I untwisted each twist, detangled as I rinsed the conditioner out, retwisted the hair and moved on to the next one. After I was done I squeezed out the extra water from my hair, wrapped my hair in a t-shirt, and allowed it to dry for about 15-20 minutes before applying my styling products.

As I was applying my products I definitely noticed that moisturizing barrier. Products were being absorbed a lot faster; usually when I’m first applying product after a wash my hair takes majority of the day to dry and absorb the products. (I have high porosity hair, and for those of you who share that issue with me you know all about hair taking its time to absorb moisture. Be on the look out for a post on finding your hair porosity and what to do with that knowledge.) But the best part was that my hair was soooooo so so soft, and my curls were poppin too!

The Verdict:

I give this product an honest 10/10! I didn’t expect to like this better than my Black Castor Oil masque but Shea Moisture honey… DID. THAT. I’m definitely welcoming this product to my lil family!

Thoughts? Questions? Comment below! And if you’d like me to review any products comment those as well!

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