‘In Your Feelings?’ Revisited

Sense an emotional rain cloud approaching? Here are some do’s and don’ts regarding being in your feelings:


  • Do something that makes you happy or makes you feel good such as watching a lighthearted show or movie. (My personal remedy is to put on some music and take a nice candlelit bath.)
  • Put your feelings into something productive or a passion you have. (Reading a book, playing an instrument, writing poetry, drawing, even go working out will allow you to put that energy into creating or producing something positive out of you negative emotions.)
  • Get out of the house! Tell your friends you’re thinking about so-and-so again and you need to get some air. (Being out of a closed environment and with people who love and understand you will help improve your mood.)
  • Let it out! Whether you want advice or you just want someone to listen, have a friend, family member, or trusted mentor to vent to. (Getting it out and receiving help or insight on the source of your feelings will make you feel lighter.)
  • Have those necessary conversations. (If you have a problem with what someone did or said about you or how they made you feel and you haven’t let it go, you might need to have a conversation with that person. Closure is important for emotional health.)
  • TALK TO GOD. Bring the situation to Him, whether it’s on your knees or in casual conversation. God can listen as well as guide you and provide comfort when your heart needs it.


DON’T (*Bryson Tiller voice*):

  • Don’t listen to sad music. It’s a trap, it’s a trap, it’s a trap, it’s a trap. (The spirit of whatever music you’re listening to will get into yours because you’re open and vulnerable when you’re in your feelings. Be mindful of what you allow your spirit to come in contact with.)
  • Don’t engage in risky behaviors. Feeling low sometimes prompts us to seek an influence that will relieve our emotions. Do not drink, do drugs, overeat, or have sex to cure your feelings. (It might encourage you to make decisions you wouldn’t make in your right mind. Or in the very least over time you could become psychologically dependent on those influences to feel better.)
  • Don’t take your personal situation to social media. (Okay, there must be balance and maturity with this one. You can say how you feel of course, but adding your ex and causing a scene and constantly subtweeting… That’s not going to produce anything positive. And you’re really just saying something to be seen by the person on your mind and provoke thought, am I right? It may cause arguments, and it will invite people into your personal business. This goes back to having those necessary conversations.)
  • Don’t talk/vent to people who mean you no good. (This goes in any situation, but especially when you’re down. You could end up taking some advice that won’t benefit you or taking on a negative mentality/energy from someone else.)
  • Don’t hold back what’s natural. If you need to cry, don’t let anyone tell you that you shouldn’t. (God made tears for a reason, and holding them back will only make it worse in time. Sometimes you’re allowed to tell yourself “suck it up”, but if you do that for too long you’ll never release what you ultimately need to release.)


Hope these tips help. Got any more? Feel free to comment below!

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